A [brief] Grief Dictionary

The thing I love most about words is that when we put language to something, it brings clarity and certainty about the thing. Part of what makes grief so hard in our culture is that we do not have a diverse range of common language around it. In fact, the word itself may not bring up a clear definition for you.

Life Lessons About Grief

Grief sucks.

Really, I think I could stop there and that would be enough: just recognizing that loss hurts. It hurts emotionally. It creates mental fog and anguish. It affects our physical bodies. It can crush our spirit. Yeah, grief is excruciating…

What Self-Care is NOT

This week, it became clear to me that some of society’s definitions of self-care might be doing just the opposite thing. Often what is #hashtagged as self-care is really just an escape or numbing the unpleasant emotion or situation.

S is for Self Care

I’m a bit sick of hearing the word “self care” too. Any time a word gets overused, I get so sick of it. It’s such a buzz word that I don’t think a lot of people can really define.