Meet Phoebe

Hi! I'm Phoebe.

I’m a mom to 3 littles, part time therapist, and full time coffee drinker and Jesus lover. The transition to motherhood was rough for me. I suddenly felt like I had no freedom and all the responsibility. This made me anxious and irritable for 3 long years. When our second child was a year old I decided I did not want to keep living like that. I discovered the negative belief that there wasn’t enough of me to go around was fueling my anxiety, which made me short and irritated with the people in my house. Understanding what triggered this lie and how it negatively affected me and the people I love the most was the key living the life I’d always envisioned as a mom. 

I help overwhelmed women take back their mind so they can take back their day. Join me in a 4 week coaching intensive where you will discover the the negative belief that is keeping you frustrated and overwhelmed and holding you back from being the woman and mom you want to be. You will walk away with valuable knowledge about yourself and a plan to keep you moving forward after the group ends. 

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