I Am Worth It

A watched pot does indeed boil. There is a moment before the simmer of a boil even starts when all the bubbles have formed at the bottom of the pot and they are vibrating with energy just waiting to float up to the surface and burst.

That’s how I’ve felt all week. Just a low simmer of frustration all week.

It started with something that made me mad online……that sparked some unresolved theological issue (that I’ve been avoiding for quite some time now). I also heard a speaker that I felt needed some correcting in parts. All of this added to my mental load that is already so full.

And yet, I had no time to even scratch the surface of most of it.

I think a huge reason that I feel more exhausted now than in most other times in my life is because there is rarely regular time to just check in with myself. I know I have things that need to be resolved, thoughts that need to be pondered and developed, emotions that need to be felt and honored, but I just have a hard time finding the time.

“I am worthy of my own time.”

I’m coming to realize that to create the time that I need in order to stay healthy mentally and emotionally, that will require me to take time away from something else.

But I’m worth it.

I am worthy of my own time. Not just because staying healthy in those ways makes me a better wife, mom, and worker—though it does.

I am worthy of my own time because God says I am his masterpiece.

“It is holy and good to rest and reflect.”

Part of honoring who and how God has made us as humans is honoring that he built us to need rest and introspection. It is holy and good to rest and reflect. Those things tend to lead to resolving things that are restraining us from living holy lives.

I find it fascinating that the day that was set aside for the Israelites to worship God was also the day set aside for rest.

Before the bubbles of frustration and unresolved conflict burst to the surface (and therefore create more workload of repairing things afterwards) I will rest. I will remind myself that this is a good thing. It is a needed thing in order for me to take care of this beautiful gift of my life God has given me.

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